holy shit balls CALM THE FUCK DOWN. jesus christ you give me deadlines and complain i dont get my shit done? really i did what i knew i needed to do and tried on everything else. and it all gets done, so CHILL THE FUCK OUT  and stop fucking yelling.

ive got fucking exams and stress and better shit to deal with. my god people are so god damn rude. its like nothing else matters to them but themselves… oh wait.

ugh, dont want to be a apart of this group anymore and deal with all this unnecessary drama but i have to because its on my resume and looks good and blah blah blah. part of the real world and making me tougher, right? eh. whatever.

getting two fucking annoying phone calls in 5 minutes, please communicate among yourselves before you start pointing fingers at me. and before you start discussing attendence, please keep in mind that you decided meeting dates without any regard to my schedule, and planned it around yours. yeah the event i was supposed to do didnt work out, but i have enough extra as it is.

holy fuck i hate things sometimes. like not understanding physics, and failing physiology exams. dreaming/ having nightmares of receptors in the body leaves you feeling unrested as fuck. and then being a huge debbie downer to your (boyfriend/significating dating other etc). is also really fucking lame. He’s such a happy guy, and i’m….. not at fucking all. ever.

oh well, i’m a terrible person, learning to live with it all.

(no i’m not but everyone fucking makes me feel like it.and to think my professed future career will be this x a million? maybe its time to reconsider my options. we’ll see what life brings).

on a happier note, yeah. i’m dating someone. and i like him a lot. and im happy i’m in school and can have fun in college. im living with hopefully good people next year, and ive got a lot of amazing experiences i can fall back on when i need to.

my professor is letting me take my exam tomorrow instead of yesterday, so i should be studying so i can do amazing. now that im done venting, back to studying.

here’s hoping i can focus, not get distracted anymore, and just DO WORK.

fuck, i got this. (I hope)

all in all, i should be pretty decent, even if there’s always some sort of stress, it all works out somehow.

& to everyone else who’s there for me, thanks for putting up with it all. because, just like everyone else, I’m a little less then “normal” too.


About lionking

Ranting about the ups and mostly downs of my life. If you like pessimism and the occasional drunken adventure this is the place for you. I'll try to be more open/clear about my (sometimes nonexistant) dating life. let's see how this goes. Also, this is for sure adult content, so there's your warning.
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