In an attempt to be more open about life, i’m gonna bemore detailed. I’m also procrastinating from studying biochem like crazy. and fucked for it.

 But anyways, new relationship, yada yada yada. Love hanging out with him, but he doesnt turn me on. like, at all. this is a huge problem.  and normally i love boys, and sex, and all that jazz. And I’ve never had this problem before. So what the fuck do I do? Do i tell him what turns me on? Because that just seems really weird, even though I guess its normal.

and I thought something was wrong with me for a little, havnt really felt like wanting sex for a while. I guess sleeping drunkenly with *Zack* when i was first dating Sam has been a huge libido killer. I really should come clean about that, its kind of cheating isnt it? even though we hadnt said we were exclusive or anything like that.

but anyways, yeah. It’s not me. Reading erotic novels still turns me the fuck on. and I havent read any in ages, so odd. and thinking about the sex with my other hookups? still good. soooo, why the hell dont i feel this way with Sam?



About lionking

Ranting about the ups and mostly downs of my life. If you like pessimism and the occasional drunken adventure this is the place for you. I'll try to be more open/clear about my (sometimes nonexistant) dating life. let's see how this goes. Also, this is for sure adult content, so there's your warning.
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