yes, i talk to sam on the phone more. but personally, i think its weird i talk more to wyatt via text than i do sam. and i am not a fan. i wish sam would text more. 

=/= good when you talk more to your bf’s best friend then your bf. or so i think anyways. 

my ex hated phone calls, and this is like, very little texting- opposite of what im used to. not a fan.

so, please text me more. or talk or whatever. please? kthxbye. 


About lionking

Ranting about the ups and mostly downs of my life. If you like pessimism and the occasional drunken adventure this is the place for you. I'll try to be more open/clear about my (sometimes nonexistant) dating life. let's see how this goes. Also, this is for sure adult content, so there's your warning.
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